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Posted by chrisking on August 27, 2017 | Category: Music on Television

This isn’t a reminder to watch tonight’s VMAs on MTV.

This isn’t a reminder to even remember where to find MTV on your cable box. I have no idea what channel it is, and I pay attention to music for a living.

This is a reminder that the VMAs have either (a) kind of or (b) totally sucked for a long time now.

I remember the first VMAs. Back when David Lee Roth said “Look at all the people here tonight…”. Back when Madonna rolled around on the floor in the wedding dress, and drummed her hand against the microphone during “Like a Virgin”. That was Must See TV in the making, and for several years afterward the MTV VMAs were absolutely a don’t miss it situation.

When did it all change? Maybe when MTV stopped playing music videos? Certainly seems like they lost their opportunity to be the decider of such an award at least a decade ago. But they keep on trucking year after year with a spectacle that is sometimes entertaining, but mostly just fluff for the sake of fluff.

On the contrary, I’m not here to be another voice in the “VMAs sucks” chorus.

I’m here to remind you of the Best Music Video of the last 12 months. The one that (to my knowledge) wasn’t even nominated.  Was anything more amazing than OK Go’s “The One Moment”? Spoiler alert – NOPE.

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