New Video – FOO FIGHTERS “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”

Posted by chrisking on August 23, 2017 | Category: new video

Foo Fighters have just put out (ahem, dropped) their 2nd video from the upcoming Concrete and Gold album (in your fave store or online portal on Sept 15), “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”.

First of all, I love the Foos.

Secondly, how many Foos are there these days?? Looks like about 6 on the roof. Have there always been 6 or are they multiplyin’? Anyway, it’s a good rock number that has a Stranger Things vibe (why all the young’uns look like Seven these days?).

Oh, and someone needs to tell Taylor to put on some shoes. Get a rooftack in that hoof, and hello, tetanus.


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